December 11, 2014

Filming for EXPO 2015

We have been in the United Arab Emirates shooting a diverse slate of audio-visual material to populate the UAE Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015.

The material is diverse in subject, length and tone as is the technology used to make and project it. From black-screen studio shoot for the holographic Musion finale, to documentary-style explorations of daily life and rituals in the Emirates, via a charming animation of the history and significance of date palms, we have deployed all our technical know how and imagination to ensure the pavilion is a success.

Shooting took us all over the Emirates and beyond to the village of Wetambo Gobe in Ethiopia. From the spectacular dunescapes outside Abu Dhabi and Dubai, to the scenic port, fish market and spice souk of Sharjah, we have been working in spectacular settings, notably shooting our Supper Club documentary finale under the majestic, Zaha Hadid-designed Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi; the perfect place to showcase the talents of two incredible entrepreneurial Emirati women, Alamira Noor Bani Hashim and Buthaina Al Mazrui.

In addition to this we caused quite a stir on social media when our ‘flying’ plam tree was spotted mysteriously hovering over Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Our cast of talented Emirati actors have been working tirelessly under the guidance of directors Robert Butcher, Nujoom Alghanem, Stewart Sugg and Ben Pritchard to bring to life the characters who will accompany you through the pavilion, led by the sparky and fearless Sara, a schoolgirl who time travels to explore the past and present of her country and present it to her audience.

Photographs courtesy of Stewart Sugg, Anthony Pearson, Laurent Baldoni, Nick Wood, Robert Butcher, Gaby Nieto and Greg Hobden.